Zylom Screensaver

Zylom Screensaver

Zylom Screensaver will bring a game interface to your desktop

Have you heard about Zylom before?
Do you know what this organization does?
Zylom is a place where you can download or play online a lot of different games.
They are free to download and play, except for a few ones that are shareware or trial.

Zylom Screensaver will bring a game interface to your desktop.

This unique screensaver is more than just a regular screensaver.
It is a complete connection to the developer website, where you will be able to download, or play online, the game or games of your choice.
There is a complete selection of games, classified by genre.
You will be able to find, adventure, puzzle, word, board and many more.
The screensaver will show you a bar where you can choose which game you want to download or play.
It also has an option to go directly to the website to find what you want.

The screensaver will be showing you different scenes of several games.
If you are already a Zylom user, you will recognize ay of the characters from the different games in the collection.
If you are a first timer, you will get acquainted with the different games and its characters to allow you to make a better choice.

Zylom Screensaver will really let you enjoy your favorite games any time your computer goes idle, or any tie you want.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very useful for gamers
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